• Low Voltage Electrification Products: Air Circuit Breakers, Compact Circuit Breakers, Mini Circuit Breakers, Residual Current Circuit Breakers, Contactors, Soft Starters, Manual Motor Starters, Thermic Relays, Fuse Switch Disconnectors, Buttons and Compact Pilot Lights.
  • Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Compensation Products: Capacitors, Reactive Power Control Relays, Harmonic Filters, Discharge Coils, etc.
  • Measuring Products: Network and Power Analyzers, Ampermeters, Voltmeters, Multifunctional Time Relays, Thermistor Relays, Current Monitoring Relays, Power Factor Controllers, etc.
  • Medium Voltage and High Voltage Power Transformers: Oiled-Type and Dry-Type Distribution Transformers and its supporting accessories.
  • Low Voltage, Medium Voltage and High Voltage Measuring Transformers: Oiled-Type and Dry-Type Current and Voltage Transformers.
  • Medium Voltage and High Voltage Circuit Breakers, Isolators and Switchboards: SF6 Gas & Vacuum Type Circuit Breakers, Load Breakers, Disconnecting Switches, Modular Type Switchboards, etc.
  • Low Voltage Distribution Panels: Lighting, Compensation, MCC, etc.
  • Protection Relays: Overcurrent Protection Relays, Over/Under Voltage Protection Relays, Differential Protection Relays, Annuciators, etc.
  • Cables and Conductors: Low Voltage – Medium Voltage Energy Cables (NYA, NYAF, NYM, NYMHY. NYFGbY, NYRY, XLPE), Telecom (PDV, PD-PAP) and Datacom Network Cables, Fire Protection Cables, Aluminum and Copper Conductors, Busbars, etc.
  • Cable and Conductor Accessories: Cable Terminations (Low and Medium Voltage), Joints, Cable Lugs, Terminals, Cable Marking Equipment, U Terminals, ALCU Terminals, Earthing Terminals, etc.
  • IN ADDITION; Medium Voltage Fuses, Support & Cap Insulators, Lightning Protection Products, Earthing Materials and Accessories, Outdoor & Indoor Lighting Materials, Galvanized Cable Trays and Leaders and Automation Products are also procured by our company.
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