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Founded in 1988 in Switzerland, the company continues its activities in more than 100 countries in the fields of electrification, robotics and industrial automation.Metro Elektrik, which became the dealer of ABB in 1993, sells the following products of the brand.


1928’de Almanya’da kurulan firmanın bayiliği, 1999 yılında Metro Elektrik tarafından alındı. Firma Kondansatörleri, Reaktif Güç Kontrol Röleleri, Harmonik Filtre Reaktörleri ve Kompanzasyon Kontaktörleri ile Metro Elektrik’in stokunda geniş yer tutmaktadır.


Founded in 1984 in China. Chint, which can offer a wide range of products with power transmission and distribution, automation, installation products, medium and high voltage products and system solutions, also offers turnkey projects especially in high voltage projects.


Founded in 1923 in Germany, the company is one of the leading companies in industrial automation, interconnection and interface solutions. The company, whose dealership was acquired by Metro Elektrik in 2018, has Terminal Blocks, Marking Systems & Hand Tools, Industrial Electronic Products, Surge Arresters, Field Cabling, Device Connectors and Automation Products.


Founded in 1922 in France, the main purpose of the company is the continuity, control and safety of low-voltage electrical networks. Socomec is well known for its wide range of Transfer Switches and Accessories, Load Breakers, Packaged Switches, Energy Analysers, Surge Arresters and Fuses to meet the needs of customers of all types.


Founded in 1980 in Turkey, the dealership of the company was taken by Metro Elektrik in 2011. The company is demanded and recognised by customers for its Reactive Power Control Relays, Grid Analysers, Current Transformers, Time Relays, Multimeters and Compensation Products.


The company, whose switching systems dealership was acquired in 2012, is among the most well-known brands among Pako Switches.


WEG was founded in Brazil in 1961 and has since grown worldwide. The company also carries out important studies on energy efficiency and sustainability. Its products and solutions are used in various sectors from industrial plants to agricultural enterprises.


Established in 1982 in Turkey, the company manufactures Harmonic Filter Reactors, Thyristor Modules, Inductive Load Drivers, Control Transformers, Line Reactors and Shunt Reactors.


Trio Kablo was established in March 2017 by professionals who have been managers and entrepreneurs in the sector for many years.

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